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I'm seeing this error relatively frequently as I attempt to upsert data to Salesforce. However, it isn't 100% repeatable - if I try to run the same batch job again it is a different set of records that fails to upsert.

Some notes on our upload process:

1. We are using multi-threading to increase upload speed.
2. We are *not* upserting the same record at the same time with multiple threads. (A given record only appears once in the batch upload process).
3. The object we are upserting to does have an Apex trigger on it - but this trigger only modifies the record being updated, so we should not run into any locking issues here.
4. The object we are upserting is included in a roll-up summary.

I'm thinking that maybe it's the parent in the roll-up summary that is being locked? Does this sound plausible?

I'll be investigating further. Just wondering if anyone else has ever run into this error...


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  • November 13, 2008
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