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Validation Rule to stop record from saving when a picklist value is blank fires, but not on the correct stage selection.

Use case:

Opportunity Object, has 6 record types (Group, Branch, Vendor, Client, Guest, Ti In Progress)

If the Opportunity RecordTypeId is “0122E000000iFFKQA2”
and the StageName Picklist is “Ti In Progress", a value from the picklist named, Resolution Type, must have a value selected prior to saving the record. If the Resolution Type picklist is left blank, the validation rule should error out the save attempt.

The VR I created is firing but not when the stage = Ti In Progress. I can select a different stage, prior to reaching Ti In Progress and the record errors out. . 

I created this VR, tested it, and found not syntax errors. I was able to save the record even when the Resolution Type picklist was left blank. It should have prompted me to select a value from the picklist. 

Any help on this would be appreciated!

2ISPICKVAL( StageName, 'Ti In Progress'), 
4ISBLANK(TEXT( Resolution_Type__c)) 

  • June 27, 2019
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