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In Step 7 of Data Integration Specialist, even though code is working as expected ( project status changing from Billable to Bill), I keep on getting the following error :
The SOAP call to the BillingService did not return the correct response. Please check your configurations and code

I know that a similar discussion has been opened but as there's a best answer related to this and that it was initially about the Web Service being down, I want this trail to be dedicated to this issue only. Trying several ways to complete the challenge didn't give any result.

Please don't answer if you only want to say you face the same issue (click on like). Just reply if you resolved the issue or opened a case and mention it. Maybe if a lot of people open a case, Salesforce will fix the issue or be more specific on the issue.

Has someone passed step 7 of Superbadge "Data Integration Specialist" since 20 august 2018 ?
For information, I opened a case 00010194 but still no answer.
Hi All,

I get the following error when attempting to check in this challenge.  However, if I test my code from workbench, it works correctly.  I've checked my spelling, order of parameters in the method signature.

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'ProjectRESTService' Apex REST service does not appear to be working properly. Calling the service either didn't update the opportunity correctly, return the string 'OK', create an associated project correctly or function correctly in general.

I've checked other forum post and I noticed people are searching for the project record prior to upserting it.  I don't understand why that is needed if I can upsert directly against the ProjectRef__c external id field.  I could try to copy and paste what they did to pass the challenge, but I want to understand why what I coded doesn't work.  A second pair (or more) eyes would be appreciated.  Thank you!
global with sharing class ProjectRESTService {
    global static String postProjectData(String ProjectRef, String ProjectName, String OpportunityId, Date StartDate, Date EndDate, Double Amount, String Status) {
		SavePoint sp = Database.setSavepoint();
        try {
	        Project__c p = new Project__c(ProjectRef__c=ProjectRef, Name=ProjectName, Opportunity__c=OpportunityId, Start_Date__c=StartDate, End_Date__c=EndDate, Billable_Amount__c=Amount, Status__c=Status);
    	    upsert p ProjectRef__c;
            Opportunity o = new Opportunity(Id=OpportunityId, DeliveryInstallationStatus__c='In Progress');
            update o;
        	return 'OK';
        } catch (Exception e) {
            System.debug('~~~ Cause: ' + e.getCause() +  ' Message: ' + e.getMessage() + ' getLineNumber: ' + e.getLineNumber() + ' StackTrace: ' + e.getStackTraceString() + ' Type: ' + e.getTypeName());
            return e.getMessage();