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I may be overthinking this, but want to make sure they aren't twisting the terminology on us like they tend to do with Superbadges.

For the final part of Challenge 2, under the "Support Is a Team Sport" portion of the requirements, it talks about creating Customer Contact and Support Lead roles. Are those actual Salesforce Roles or more akin to Case teams?

The main reason I ask this is because the Error Message I get mentions something not spelled out in the requirements that I could see:

"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
We can't find the 'Customer Case Team' role. Ensure the Customer Contact can be tracked on Cases."

However, the requirements don't specifically mention creating a 'Customer Case Team' role.
I don't know why, but Trailhead does not see that I've setup a user Samantha Cordero with the profile Field Sales User. I've create the Field Sales User profile, created the user Samantha Cordero, activate the user, generate a password, and logged in as the user. I even logged in as her in Salesforce 1, but I still get this message:
error message
Here is what her user detail page:
User-added image
Field Sales User profile:
User-added image
I've tried 5-6 times now to use import wizard to import the file provided for the Data Management Module of Force.com Basics.  It just continues to give me an "There was a problem uploading the CSV file. Try again, or choose another file."  I've tried this on both a PC and a Mac, Chrome and Firefox and browsing to the file or drag and dropping the file, just get the same error every time.