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I have a formula field name Partner_involved__c on opportunity object, it should be marked 'true' when amount field in opportunity object is not blank, so i have written a formula-


but here irrespective of the amount field whether it is blank or not ,
The Formula field named Partner_involved__c is marking as 'False'.

Can anyone please explain how i can overcome this.
 I need to create a validation rule where a custom field end date /time is greater than 6pm then it should throw error
 End date field is custom and calculated upon saving of two field (start date/time + span hours)

Below is the rule created but not working as expected
    ISPICKVAL(OCE__SpanType__c, "Hours"),
        OCE__EndDate__c > DATETIMEVALUE(TODAY()+(21/24)),
        TRUE, FALSE

Hello everyone,



Can anyone help me with the following issue(a simple one but I am unable to solve it)


I have two record types A, B of which B is set as default. 'B' has 5 profiles associated with it. Now, I want to delete the record type 'B' but unable to do so.  


Tried doing the following things but was unsuccessful:

1. Deactivate record type 'B'

2. Create new record type 'C' which has existing record type as 'B' and making it default.


When I try to delete 'B', there is an error message saying 'This record type cannot be deleted because the following profiles use this record type as default.' 


Any help in this is much appreciated...


Thanks in advance. 



  • October 31, 2009
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