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I am unable to close the cases even i have the permissions to close from profile level and OWD as well.and previously I was able to close this kind of cases .
I am trying to close the the case from console and I am getting the error below.
There's a problem saving this record. You might not have permission to edit it, or it might have been deleted or archived. Contact your administrator for help"

Hello Team

Can any one please let me know the solution for the below error


Hi All Can you please see the below screen shot where batch selection and Selection Expiration are two fields and if I select Batch selection date as (Current Date/time)present time and expiration could not be dependent on Selection time(field)  and In batch time Expiration  is set to be always 11:59 constant.

Batch Expiration
Being an user i am able to find the one record in overall serach from the application in lightning. where as am not able to find the same record from the list view even though i have given appropriate filtering condition and i added the user to group condtions also.

I am trying open one application for example "LAMIES"  in Lightning from App launcher but it was opening in Salesforce classic view and if i click on switch to salesforce lightning the app name was switched to another application even though I have given "Lamies" as a default application.

Can any one please let me know the issue.

When an outside/ External user try to connect to portal it is showing the below error can any one gave me appropriate info please?
" Error: Error occured while loading a visualforce page?


Any immediate response is most appreciable?

Can anyone please let me know how i can fetch the reports details like reprot name and last Run By,Submitte by and no of nely generated reports from different folders which is used in 2021.
Hope we can do soql can any body suggest me the query