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I am new to writing validation rules and am stuck.  I need to write a rule so that a person can not change a project status to active unless a picklist field called foundation type is filled out. This would only apply to projects that fall within certain departments.

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I am trying to deploy a Change Set from my Sandbox to PROD Org however when I select to "Upload" the Change Set I receive the following error:
"This organization isn't authorized to upload change sets to other organizations. For authorization, contact the deployment connections administrators on the organizations where you want to upload changes.".

My profile is set up as a System Administrator for my Org.

Is anyone able to assist?

Hi folks,
       can anyone tell me soql for getting user id who has access the record??
I have created test objects
5 users in my org.
if user 1 creates record on test object then user2,user3,user5 access that reocrd and user4 cannot access the reocrd
I wanna soql query for get all user id who has permission to access the record that is created by user1

Thanks in advance