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I have used case-assignment rules to assign cases automatically to the right user/queue based on certain conditions. 

Recently I was going through Trailhead content on omni-channel and various routing mechanisms (skill based, queue based). Following statement from trailhead confuses me : "Omni-Channel always assigns cases to the right support agents, and customers are happy with customer service. ".

If we already have case-assignment rules in place, why do we need omni-channel queue based routing? How are the two things different?
I have DOB (API Name : BirthDate__c) and I want to calculate age in years and months. I have created two formula fields
Age in years

FLOOR((TODAY()- BirthDate__c )/365.2425)
Age in months (remaining months)


If date of birth is 11 Aug 2013 and todays date is 11 Aug 2015, this gives result as 1 year 12 months. Instead the result should be 2 years 0 months.