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Having an issue creating a List object from a string value.  The selectedObject value is coming over as a string value.  Trying to convert the string value so that it can be used as the object in  a list or a Map

private Sobject selectedStringSobject;

selectedObject = 'CustomObject__c'
selectedStringSobject =Util.getSobjectFromString(selectedObject);

List<selectedStringSobject> newrecords = new List<selectedStringSobject>()

public static SObject getSobjectFromString(String stringObject) {
        Map<String, Schema.SObjectType> obj = Schema.getGlobalDescribe(); 
        Schema.SObjectType so = obj.get(stringObject);
        Sobject newObject = so.newSobject();
        return newObject;

error is : Invalid type: selectedStringSobject

Hi Team,
I am not able to pull the data for  Top Searches, Most Search Results by Term, Searches with No Results, and  other Search related Analytics from “Community Search Dashboard 2.0” in my Full Sandbox(UAT org).
The data is showing like below. Please help me on this

Is it possible to use apex:param as a child of actionpoller so that more than one action poller can be used on a single page, each calling a controller method with a specific variable value being set, eg, nest an actionpoller inside an apex:repeat, and pass the controller a variable that's different for each, and have the rerendered section (also in teh repeat) use this set variable to show a different set of items?


Practical use, populating multiple lists of items from multiple web services API calls, all on teh same page, and all via AJAX.