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Looking for other resources that would lay out the structure of Apex, the syntax and the rules that govern execution.

I have found the Apex documentation to be less than satisfactory, and more of a dart board approach to documenting their product.
My hope is that I will find some better resources on building Apex Classes, utilizing Maps, Sets and Lists and what their purpose is.
Also, the SF Apex documentation is seriously lacking examples in writing testMethods.
Unsure who designed the document structure and how they were able to get away with this, but they need to know their structure is less than satisfactory and I am unable to piece together simple triggers using their documents.
  • Need more examples.
  • Need better explanations and what the purpose of each element is.
  • Better heirarchical structure in their documents with Higher Level Categories that funnel down to each items unique Attributes, Methods, Properties, etc.
If anyone has anything else, other than Salesforce, let me know.
Sorry in advance for the venting :smileymad:
Trying to create a simple workflow rule to trigger an email alert - Pretty simple right? 
AND(ISPICKVAL( Type__c , "Shipment"), Promise_Date__c > TODAY(), Promise_Date__c <> 2009/09/09)
Error: Incorrect parameter for function <>(). Expected Date, received Number
No matter what format I put for the date I get this stupid message "Expected Date, received Number"
I've tried:
So I surround the dates in quotes:
Guess what!
Error: Incorrect parameter for function <>(). Expected Date, received Text
Tried searching in the Help section
Dates, Date formats, date formats in formulas, etc.
No help at all!
Tried searching on all of the different Successforce boards
Guess what!  I'm the only person that has ever received this message because it doesn't exist anywhere on any of the sites!
I did find one reference to: Expected DateTime, received Number
But that was of no help because my issue is not with Date vs. DateTime
So back to subject of my message... Why is it so hard to find answers to simple questions...?
I'm praying that it was right under my nose all of the time but I was just too tired to see it.  But until then :smileymad: