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I ran stubmaker.pl that comes with SOAP::Lite on http://www.sforce.com/us/docs/sforce.wsdl. Resulting
class was sfconnector.pm. I just tried login.

It simple as:

use sfconnector qw (:all);
my $result = login ( $ver, $usr, $pass );

Seems to work fine. Just wondering if anyone has
played around with this and ran into any issues.
Or is there something I should know about.

  • August 29, 2003
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I've been using this as a basis for developing simple scripts to locate duplicates , verify key fields are filled in properly ( I would love a lookup field type ! ) and integerate with our production system for auditing data.

It's not well documented or packaged for CPAN type install (yet) but you may get some ideas.

I just drop this in ...perl/site/lib/Sfdc.pm to get started

you may also need to install Date::Calc from CPAN to get conversions to and from sforce date formats