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Hi all,

Is there a scheduled maintenance / downtime for Salesforce servers? ( API 2.5) ? The reason I ask is that my client runs fine during the daytime i.e. run from command line. While it fails when scheduled to run at night say 2:00am?

Can anyone shed any light on this??

My program generates messages like this: (ofcourse nothing to do with SalesForce) but still something to look at:

Remote Exeception error in login 
nested exception is:
java.net.SocketException: Connection reset




Hi all,

I am behind a firewall - can someone tell me what & how can I make use of a proxy setting? The admins ask me to provide a port that they need to open for me. Is that the standard http port? or something else?


Plz help ...




Using the 2.5 API I'm attempting to query using the following command-

qr = sfService.query("select caseNumber, cf_00N30000000ce21 from Case where status = 'New'")

I get an error that cf_00n30000000ce21 is an invalid field. Note the error returns a lower case 'n' instead of the upper case 'N' I sent.

Is this N somehow being converted to lower case or do I have a different problem?  Anyone seen this before?



  • December 09, 2003
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