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I am very new for .NET. I want to develop a web application where end user can enter new persuits information and also can update existing persuits. If I have my own database then I don't have any problem to perform this action. But I am working on enterprise edition of www.salesforce.com. and I want to connect my web application with www.salesforce.com database.

I have downloaded WSDL file but I am not able to understand how can I use it. As I mentioned earlier that I want to make a web application where user can enter new persuit and update existing persuits. Here I want to perform my web application functionality  with salesforce database as I am having existing data in salesforce.

Now the problem is that how WSDL file can help for my web applciation and how can I use it in my web applciation.

Can anyone help me. It is very urgent as I want to develop my web applciation using salesforce.com WSDL file.

Hope anyone will help me.

Thanks in advance.


  • July 06, 2004
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