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My organization has recently changed the org-wide default for Accounts from Public Read/Write to Public Read/Only.  An unexpected consequence of this change was that all Account Team Members who had Read/Write Access to accounts were updated to be Read Only.  We would like to programmatically update all of the account team members back to Read/Write.

It appears that there are two objects involved in this process.  First, the AccountTeamMember object holds the relationship between all Account Team Members and the Account.  Second, the AccountShare object holds the security level if it is "not trivial."  Knowing that we cannot update the RowCause field on the AccountShare object, we can insert records through the API where the RowCause is "Manual", but the Account Team Member still shows as "Read Only" when I go view the account.  Although I think that adding these "Manual" records to AccountShare will grant the user the access they need, the user's access is not obvious when looking at the account.

My question is, how do these "Manual" AccountShare records show themselves in the application?  And is there anyway that I can programmatically update the Account Team so that these relationships are more intuitive?  (We would do it manually, but this problem affects more than 200,000 account team member relationships.)


  • February 16, 2005
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