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Has anyone played with this yet? Due to my lack programing and not very familiar with JAVA and/or eclipse I'm running into some issues, errors could very well be between chair and computer.

In reading the Email2Case Readme file it states: "Load the Prject in Eclipse, and Start it up. You'll alos want to build the Email2Case JAR so you can run it from the command line." I have the 1.4.2 JSDK installed (from using the partner toolkit which runs properly)

I have extracted the Email2Case project to my C:\\EmailAgent60. Then I opened Eclipse and created a new project. I think I added the "Email2Case.jar" fine. I then go to Run and the "main Class" is set to org.apache.tools.ant.Main. I run it and it give me the error of: "build.xml does not exist!"