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This is the job boad, stoo posting non-job related junk here.

Is there no administrator/moderator here?

  • November 09, 2015
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I'm always interested in speaking with companies who need salesforce consulting. I do the work myself, never outsource anything or sub-contract work. I'm on the west coast but keep hours to accomodate clients all over the country. I have close to a decade of experience working with salesforce.com, both in admin and developer roles.

I can be reached at 
  • February 10, 2015
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Hi All

I am a salesforce developer with 5 years experience in salesforce.I have no regular job and I am available to you all the time.

I am very good in apex(triggers,controllers) and visualforce(css,java script).I have done some good number of integration projects,

I can do any development work given to me without fail(communities,sites and any other) .Please send a mail to my gmail and we can get started right away.


Note :I am not US based but available to you at US timings.
Hi Guys

I'm preparing myself for the Dev401 certification and following the workbooks provided by the salesforce. Don't know what kind of questions for that I have to prepare myself? I'm able to create basic application and have good understanding. Still I'm confused that I don't know the internals as the questions will be in the exam where they will not ask how to create an object, relationships etc.. Give me some tips and guide me towards the right track. I have to get it done as soon as possible. Please help.

We are currently using a single Salesforce account to manage all our brands (currently three) and a third party platform (Pardot) to create landing pages and forms for lead acquisition.  Pardot works by linking one Salesforce record to a single Pardot record and syncing the two together.  If a lead submits multiple forms for different brands the original record is updated instead of a new lead record being created in Salesforce.  This is a problem for us because our sales reps do not cross-sell between brands.

As a work around we would like to have Salesforce create a new lead record whenever a form is submitted and the brands do not match, even if the email addresses are the same.

The final lead flow should something like the following:
1.) De-dupe the incoming email address
          -If the email address doesn't currently exist in Salesforce then create a new lead.
          -If the email is a duplicate then compare brands.
2.) If the brand matches then update the current record.
3.) If the brand doesn't match then create a new lead record and assign the new record to a sales rep.
  • August 01, 2014
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My Test Class is failing in the last two assert lines saying that "System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Expected: Confirmed Teaching/Class Schedule, Actual: Confirmed Use" and "System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Expected: null, Actual: Sent" BUT that is what I am telling it to Assert.  Is the wording backwards somehow?  It reads as if it wants what it started with instead of what I told it that it should end up with.

Thanks so much,



private class TestQuoteAASentUpdateOppCreateCourses
    private static TestMethod void testTrigger(){
        //Step 1 : Data Insertion
        Account a=new Account(Name='Test Account');
           insert a;
           Contact c = new Contact(FirstName='John',LastName='Doe');
        insert c;
        Opportunity o = new Opportunity(Name='Test Opportunity',closedate=system.today(), stagename='Confirmed Teaching/Class Schedule',Probability=0.95);
        insert o;      
        OpportunityContactRole ocr = new OpportunityContactRole (OpportunityID = o.id, ContactID=c.id, role='Decision Maker') ;     
        insert ocr;  
        Quote q= new Quote (Name='Test Quote', ContactID=c.id, OpportunityID=o.id);
        insert q;
        Task t= new Task (Subject='Email: Sapling Learning Adoption Agreement', WhoID=c.id, WhatID=q.id);
        insert t;
        //Perform the dml action on which trigger gets fired , like insert, update ,delete , undelete.  In this case updade the quote.
       q.Adoption_Agreement_Sent__c = Date.today();
       update q;
        // check that the new course was created successfully and opp and quote updates were successful
        System.assertEquals(o.Stagename, 'Confirmed Use');
        System.assertEquals(q.Status, 'Sent');

        Course__c newCS = [select ID, Name, Adoption_Agreement__c, Opportunity__c, Contact__c from Course__c LIMIT 1];
        System.assertNotEquals(newCS, null);
        System.assertEquals(c.Id, newCS.Contact__c);
        System.assertEquals(o.Id, newCS.Opportunity__c);
        System.assertEquals(q.Id, newCS.Adoption_Agreement__c);
        // Switch back to runtime context