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I've been using the Force.com IDE since it was called the Apex plugin for Eclipse.  Today I had some trouble on it on Eclipse 3.2, so I got a brand new, clean copy of Eclipse and installed it.  I fired up Eclipse 3.3 and installed the Force.com toolkit with its dependency (WST or whatever it was).  Everything seemed to go well.  Eclipse restarted itself.

Upon restart, though, I could see no trace of the Force.com IDE.  There was no way to create an Apex (or Force.com) project.  There is no Force.com perspective.  Everything seems to be MIA.  Meanwhile, if I go up to Help->Manage Configuration, the Force.com IDE is listed there and seems to think that it is installed properly.

I have tried disabling it, cleaning it out and reinstalling, but to no avail -- upon my second installation (which also appeared to go well), there were no Force.com items available upon restart.

What gives here?  Has anyone had this issue before, and if so, how did you fix it?
 Hi All,
Is there a way to Over-ride standard buttons on the edit page?Like overiride the Save button.
Basically I need to add additional functionality to the Save Button.

Also is there a way to call the Save button as a function?



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Is it possible somehow to lock object when it is opened.  Im working with cases and when user opens a case another user must not open it and change it at the same time.  Is there any concurrency mechanic in Salesforce?
  • October 18, 2006
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