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A new version of DBAmp is available at http://www.forceamp.com in the downloads section. The soruceForge version is out of date and should not be used. Becuase of problems with the sourceForge website, we are moving the distribution point for future releases of DBAmp to www.forceamp.com.

DBAmp will continue to be a free download.

Thanks, Bill Emerson

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I've been seeing our performance with SF_Replicate when we try to replicate our Account table as being quite slow. Another (smaller) table worked fine with SF Replicate.

As a workaround for my immediate need, I set up and copied just the columns I need without using SF_Replicate, and that worked out ok. But I know I'll want more columns in the future copied locally from the Account table.

Are there any particular pieces of advice anyone has as far as best performance practices concerning SF_Replicate?

Michael Lee