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Jitterbit, a commercially supported open source integration platform is introducing Salesforce.com Jittercamps, a series of webinars that will focus integrating Salesforce.com with other business applications. 

The first Salesforce.com Jittercamp is scheduled for November 14, 2006, at 10:00 a.m. PDT, entitled "Integrating Salesforce.com with Database Applications”. The session is designed for Salesforce.com customers or partners who need to integrate data between Salesforce.com and database applications. This Web seminar is a hands-on tutorial that will demonstrate how to use Jitterbit’s open source integration tool to:

  1. Create and update accounts in external databases using accounts in salesforce.com.
  2. Create invoices in external applications using opportunities in salesforce.com.
  3. Update contract information in Salesforce.com with external invoice information.

This Jittercamp will use Salesforce.com’s Enterprise WSDL interface and the following methods:

  • login
  • describeGlobal
  • describeSObject
  • query
  • queryMore
  • create
  • update


Who should attend:

  1. Sales Operations personnel who need to integrate Salesforce.com with other applications
  2. Systems Integrators working on Salesforce.com integration projects

(the webinar will be approximately 60 minutes long)

How to Attend: Please register at: https://www.gotomeeting.com/register/921165545

Is it possible to create a web service which will perform some action (ex: create a task, send a report via mail, generate an alert) but time based?
I mean what we need for instance is to generate an alert to some users when a customer reaches is birthday, or after one week of no activity? (thoses kind of alert)
If yes, in which languajes and waht are the best practices when building such web services?
Has always thanks for your support.
  • October 31, 2006
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Is this right place for information on integrating SalesForce with internal applications? Is the AppExchange intended for building solutions and making those solutions to outside organisations?
I  need to integrate the support area (cases) within SalesForce with our own corporate CRM system (Change/Synergy); specifically we need to export case information via an API (using Perl, .NET, etc) and also import case information (updates) into SalesForce cases.
The Web Service API seems to be best/only way to get information in/out of SalesForce?
Kind thanks.
What is the best resource on how to integrate salesforce cases with bugzilla, both from a technical and funtional perspective.  Thanks.
  • June 01, 2005
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