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I'm looking to create a page where our customer care reps can enter multiple cases on one screen. I'd like to have record type on the same screen as all the other fields, because we might need to create cases with different record types. One use case for this would be if we overbilled a customer, the package was late and contained broken pieces. Those would really be three separate cases, but our customer care reps take hundreds of calls a day and it's too time consuming for them to have to create one case at a time.


I'm pretty new to visualforce and have never even worked with Apex. I could probably handle all of the visualforce that goes along with this but I'm assuming I'll need to have some Apex in there too.

  • July 23, 2009
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Does anyone know why an email alert triggered from a workflow would not be creating the associated activity history? Emails sent through the interface, through Apex, and through the API are all logged in activity history (when the appropriate information is set). The email alert is set to be sent to the Contact Email (standard) field.