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I keep thinking this should be simple, but I can not figure it out.   I am being asked what is the % of 'new business'  and the % of 'existing client' business that was won in the last 30 days. (new business and existing client are opportunity types)  I created a report that lists closed won opportunities grouped by opportunity type for the last 30 days.  When I attempt to add the 'win percentage' thru custom summary formulas...I can't get it to understand that I need it by type.  Right now I have {!WON:SUM} / {!CLOSED:SUM} as the formula.  I thought by having the report grouped by type the formula would intuitively understand I would want the answer returned by the types total. PLEASE HELP ME!
Hi Formula Authors,
Now that the Winter ’07 release is here, I wanted to alert you to some key formula enhancements in the release.  

Language changes
  • Max formula size increases from 1000 to 1300 characters.  (No change in the max compiled size limit of 4K)
  • No more curly braces on merge fields in formulas:  {!AccountName}  --> AccountName
  • Access to “global variables” in formulas: $Organization, $User (current user), $Profile (current user's profile), $UserRole (current user's role)
  • Access to Record Type field ($RecordType.Name)
New functions
  • DATEVALUE(datetime), DATEVALUE(text) – Convert a datetime field or a text field to a date field
  • FIND (start_text, text [, start_num]) - return the position of the string search_text within the string text
  • SUBSTITUTE (text, old_text, new_text) - find instances of the string old_text in the string text and replace with new_text
  • BR() – insert a line break in a text formula
  • MIN( num1, num2, num3,…) , MAX( num1, num2, num3…) – return the min or max value from the input parameters
  • New functions for validation rules: ISCHANGED (field), PRIORVALUE (field), ISNEW()
  • Advanced functions for S-Control scripting: LINKTO, URLFOR, INCLUDE, GETRECORDIDS
Other enhancements
  • HYPERLINK formulas can now use any protocol handler (e.g., "javascript:" instead of "http:")
  • IMAGE formulas now work in email and mail merge (Microsoft Word) templates
  • TEXT function now accepts datetime values as well as numeric values
Formula Editor changes
  • Field Type picklist allows selection of object (current object, $profile, $user, etc.)
  • Insert Operator is now a menu button instead of separate buttons for each operator
New uses for formula expressions
We are now leveraging our formula language in a number of new and powerful ways. 
  • Workflow field update actions (Enterprise & Unlimited Edition) - set and store field values in currency, number, percent, text, date, and date/time fields based on a formula expression
  • Validation rules - Boolean formula expressions that can prevent incorrect data from being saved
  • Default field values - initial values to be populated in fields when new records are created
  • Server-side formula expressions for S-Controls
For more details, please check out the Winter '07 Release Notes, available from the Help and Training link in the application banner.

Eric Bezar
Platform Product Management

  • January 08, 2007
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