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I was reminded by the Data Loaders' original author (the infamous Lexi) today that the more recent versions only have minor functionality improvements in them, so rather than waiting for the source of those versions to get released, I went ahead and built a new OSX version of the data loader source that is there. This is v7.0 of the data loader, it includes export, insert, update, and upsert. (but not the FK externalId support). I think makes it about 2 revs out of date, but i think is still useful anyway. You can grab a copy from my blog

I just downloaded Maildrop. I look forward to using it with Mail.app! I noticed in the screenshot on the Maildrop site (http://www.pocketsoap.com/osx/maildrop/) a few additional scripts under the two Salesforce.com items -- Create Event, Create Note, Create Task. Are these specific to Entourage or are these related to Salesforce.com? It would be great to have these three items as Maildrop salesforce options.