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Can anybody shed some light here for me?
The "Mass Delete" function for Products does not work in SFdc !
So I figure I'll do it with Excel Connector but that doesn't appear to work either!
Here is what I am seeing:
Sometimes the Delete Object works and sometimes I get the following error message:
Error generated by request:: One of the records in the batch call resulted in
an error.  Examine the records to determine which one(s) failed.
Exception Code : 51202
I can try again with records that failed and sometimes it will say that the object has been Deleted.
However when I go in to SFdc nothing has been deleted!
I have tried all kinds of different combinations of Product, Product2, Pricebook Entry, and nothing that I do will
let me Delete Products.
im in the process of moving an old SQl system to SF, using a number of tools, the stage im stuck on is to do with the Solutions tab
I can add Solutions with the excel connector but when i try to find a way to load them into categories i become stuck.
cant see a field or a table that mentions categoires with solutions
Anyone have a Clue ?????????
or am i just blind ?
I have duplicated the problem on two machines with Office 2007 SP1 and Connect for Outlook 3.2.110 with Windows XP SP2:
1. Open a document in Word, PowerPoint or Excel
2. Go to the "Orb" and click Send -> Email
3. Message window opens, Enter in an email address and send
4. Message window does not close
So if you...
5. Remove SF Plugin
6. Repeat 1 - 3 and 4 doesn't happen.
Has anyone else seen this issue?  Can we get a new version to resolve this?

Message Edited by Peterzog on 02-26-2008 12:50 PM