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I am configurating the Cases tab but I found a big problem.
It is necessary to have information about some productos such as name, descripction, location, price, etc in the case tab.
I made a Lookup field and it is possible to save the producto id, however the rest of te information is not avialiable for reports or email templates.
Can someone help me? what do I need?
- A Scontrol?
- Some Rule or Formula?
- Code to copy the values from product´s fields to case´s nes fields?
It would be really helpfull for me to have some example of code to extract the information
Thanks for your time guys!!!

How can I create a Formula field that grabs a value from another object?

In this case I have two custom objects: "Sales Order" and "Sales Order Item" 

In the formula editor my only choices are the Object that I am working in (Sales Order) and other objects like:





If this makes sense...I want to create fields in the "Sales Order Object" that derive their value from the "Sales Order Item" object.



This is actually part of a bigger problem that I am trying to solve with Email Templates that won't allow me to get Merge fields from more than one object in the same template.

i.e. I create an email template that uses my Sales Order object...  the interface lets me select and insert merge fields from other objects both Standard and Custom... but those merge fields don't actually show up when I see the email


Any thought on either would be greatly appreciated



I am using email templates for workflow rules.These workflows will send emails to the conatcts.
Workflows will run on the Opportunity object.But in the email templates I am getting the information of opportunity through merge fields.I also want the information of products in emails.

Please let me know how this can be done.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.