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I am trying to create tasks through the webservice API. I have code that looks something like this:

List<sObject> objs = new List<sObject>;
foreach ... {
  Task task = new Task();
  task.AccountId = accountID;
  task.WhatId = opportunityID;
  task.Subject = subject;
  task.Description = description;
  task.ActivityDate = date;
  task.IsClosed = isComplete;
  task.Priority = "Normal";
  task.Status = (isComplete) ? "Completed" : "In Progress";

sObject[] objArray = objs.ToArray();
SaveResult[] resArray = new SaveResult[objs.Count];
DebuggingInfo debInfo = binding.create(sessionHeader, new AssignmentRuleHeader(), new MruHeader(), new DebuggingHeader(), new EmailHeader(), objArray, out resArray);

The accountIds and opportunityIds were retrieved earlier in the code through the API. I have confirmed that they are valid IDs, referring to the correct accounts and opportunities that already exist in the DB.

For each task that I try to inset, I receive the following error message:
Error message: Unable to create/update fields: AccountId. Please check the security settings of this field and verify that it is read/write for your profile.
The error code and message seem to imply that I cannot create a task with an accountId. This seems strange, as I want to relate the task to the accountId.

Any idea on what the error message means, and how I can fix this so that I can insert tasks into the DB through the API? (And regarding the instruction to check the security settings of this field, etc, I have done some poking around in my account and I could not find where to do this, if this would indeed solve my problem).


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  • March 05, 2008
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