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Issue Details:

1. When I'm extracting the data from the SFDC object(task) using Informatica, my Session fails after extracting 245824 records.(Task Object).

2. Earlier I didn't get this error. When I run the same mapping before 2 days It was ran successfully, since last two days i'm getting this error. I haven't done any modification in my mapping, I just run the same mapping before and now.

3. Even when I'm trying to extract the data by removing all the transformations and putting filter transformation for the false condition in the mapping, then also my session getting failed after extracting 245824 records(Task Object).

4. I'm not getting these type of errors from other SFDC objects.

Errors Messages:

1. 2007-12-12 16:48:08 : ERROR : (15971 | READER_1_1_1) : (IS | PCIS_HP210) : Node_HP210 : SFDC_31103 : [FATAL] QueryMore failed. User [dubeys@dnb.com]. SOSQL [Select Id, WhatId, Subject, ActivityDate, OwnerId, Usage_Period__c From Task]. Query Batch Index [123]. Fault code []. Reason [].

2. 2007-12-12 16:48:08 : ERROR : (15971 | READER_1_1_1) : (IS | PCIS_HP210) : Node_HP210 : SDKS_38200 : Partition-level [SQ_Shortcut_to_Task]: Plug-in #310600 failed in run().


I'm not able to find any solution for this

We have been running in a production environment for over a month.  Suddenly last night all of our informatica jobs started failing with the following error.
ERROR: Session task instance (s_m_Name_of_Mapping): Execution terminated unexpectedly.
That's it.  Nothing more.
We were running jobs yesterday and everything was working fine until last nights load.
Any idea's??