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After configuring my eclipse with the latest force.com plugin when I try to create a project with the managed apps into my eclipse I was getting the error "Organization contains more than one package for the following name 'ActevaRSVP'". These packages will be excluded from the request.
As a result of the above error I am not able to see the referenced package in the project imported.
Am I missing something?
We want to add new campaign member status records to the CampaignMemberStatus object in Developer Edition from a Java program. However, when we try to create the records, we get "sObject type 'CampaignMemberStatus' is not supported...". Also, describeGlobal does not return CampaignMemberStatus in the list of supported objects. However, we see it in the schema from Eclipse and Apex Explorer. We can also add new campaign member status records from the UI, and verify them in Apex Explorer and Eclipse. How can we make CampaignMemberStatus visible and updateable to the Java API?