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I am a newbie, and want to know where are the steps to implement this formula. Is there a tutorial on how I can set this up. I am new to this software and would really appreciate any suggestions or help in this area.
* This is the formula is from the formula PDF *
- search round robin -
I have 4 sales pro's at the moment but will have 6-8 very soon. If that matters.
Trying something that sounds simple but has been a headache so far... be gentle, I'm new at this.
All we want is a small form that sends info as a lead to salesforce - this form has a hidden Campaign_ID field.
First of all, when you generate the web-to-lead code it gives you the Campaign_ID and not the Campaign field as the one you should be sending to salesforce. We found out from salesforce that you actually have to use the "name" and not the "ID".
Everything works fine except for the auto-response rule that looks for the Campaign field to then send out an email with an attachment. We've tried "Campaign_ID", "Campaign" (name), with parenthesis, without parenthesis, and many other options - it just doesn't want to work.
Any suggestions? Anybody out there been able to do this? We've called salesforce and they've "escalated" the issue... just trying to get a faster answer to this...
Any help would be appreciated.
  • March 08, 2006
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