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I have created some custom fields in Account detail page,When i save account page some of the custom and standard fields need to be copied to the cutom fields in case and opportunity page and viceversa.


I am using group edition . How can i override save button in standard objects(Account,Case,Opportunity)


I would like to use visualforce instead of scontrols.


Any suggestion please?

Is there anyway to get contact information to display on the Opportunity layout ?


I create a formula for account information to appear, however cannot figure out how to get contact information to appear on the page.



Is there a way to maintain a "Master List" for picklists that maintain the options across Objects? This way one could create multiple custom objects, each with the same picklist, but to avoid having to update each list individually, the "Master List" could be updated with the changes cascading out to each picklist. I know there are ways to accomplish this via visualforce and apex, but these solutions do not change the list itself so that a mobile user would see the updated list on his/her iPhone.


I guess I am asking if there is a way when a new record is added to a custom object to have an Apex Trigger fire that adds the record to a picklist value on one or more other custom objects?

Hi Everyone,


Iam facing a small problem when iam trying to link my visualforce page to the standard tab.......When i go to objects edit mode and  under Context-Sensitive Help Setting: If i select Open a window using a Visualforce page...


Then in the list of visualforce pages available, I cant find my visualforce pages which i have created recently..it is listing up only the pgs which i have created long ago..but not the pgs which i created now...I dont know wats wrong i even deleted some pgs thinking that whether  pg limit exceeded but still i couldnt find the pgs in the list ,So iam unable to link the pages to standard tab now...


So wat would be the  Issue and howcan i get out of this issue................PLz help me .......


                                                                                                      Thanks & Regards,

  • November 27, 2009
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I'm getting the following error on on a campaign trigger
Error: Invalid Data.
Review all error messages below to correct your data.
Apex trigger findParent2 caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: findParent2: execution of AfterUpdate caused by: System.SObjectException: SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: ChildCampaigns: Trigger.findParent2: line 6, column 30
  = Required InformationCampaign Information:
trigger findParent2 on Campaign (after update) {
   ID ParentID = null;
   for (Campaign cam1 : [Select id, name from Campaign]){
        system.debug('Loop 1 - campaign id : ' + cam1.id);
        for (Campaign cam2 : cam1.childcampaigns){
           system.debug('Loop 2 - campaign id : ' + cam2.id);
            if (cam2.id == cam1.id){
                  ParentID = cam1.id;     
     system.debug('Parent for  is '+ParentID);