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I currently have both the view and edit overridden with scontrols on an Account. The problem I’m seeing is when somebody goes and edits the account I have to set nooverride=1 in the url to stop the edit scontrol from looping. However when the user hits the save button nooverride=1 is automatically transfer to the view url, thus not calling on the view scontrol.

The view scontrol works fine if you go to view the account by other means, but it isn’t ran after the save button is pressed. Does anybody know of a way to clear the nooverride=1 when the save button is pressed?

  • September 12, 2008
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I have SQL query here, can you help to transfer to SOQL?
Select o.OpportunityId from OpportunityLineItem o inner join PricebookEntry PE on o.PricebookEntryID=PE.ID inner join Product2 P on PE.product2ID=P.Id where P.Id in
(select Product2.Id from Product2 where Product2.Family  not LIKE 'Service%')
  • September 11, 2008
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