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I would like to reskin the sf.com with custom colors and images. The demos show us how to do this at a page level. They hint that it's possible to restyle the intire app, but I have not found examples on how to accomplish this.
Here (http://wiki.apexdevnet.com/index.php/Introducing_Visualforce_-_Create_Any_User_Interface_as_a_Service) they create a new page, and place their controllers within it. It seems that is creating a site within a site? Is that the suggested way? This means you've not actually restyled your entire app, just the 'portal' you've created on that page? Surely I'm missing something, because that seems like a huge duplication of effort.

  • September 22, 2008
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This may sound like a dumb question but I will break it into multiple parts in order to make answering it somewhat easier?!?

1) How can I change the backgroud color for my VF page?
2) Are stylesheets the only way to control the look and feel of the page? If so, then where and how can I edit stylesheets to get what I need?
3) Does salesforce have any sample stylesheets which I can view/edit to get the page to look how I want?  If so, once I find out where they are, how can I edit them and upload back into my VF application to get desired behavior?

This aspect of visualforce has been really frustrating so far as I am not a CSS expert and am used to the regular old HTML and javascript page manipulation. 

For example, I have a datatable component which uses the styleclass of "list" but if I remove the styleclass then it looks all dumb.  If I leave styleclass out, I cannot specify the columnwidths without an internal server error from salesforce.  I simply want a neat looking table with a column containing an input field.  Right now my column with the input field is huge compared to my other 2 columns and I cannot find an easy way to control this.

Maybe I am missing something big here and that is why I could be asking a stupid question but either way someone please advise...Any help is greatly appreciated...