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Can anyone tell me how to code column headings for a panelGrid?

The documentation seems to suggest that it's done with a <apex:facet name="header"> component. The dataTable component is given as an example, but it relies on the <apex:column> component which is not applicable to a panelGrid.

My panelGrid has 4 columns and I'd like to add a different header to each column. I'm expecting the panelGrid to generate the following html:

<tr><th>Heading 1</th><th>Heading 2</th><th>Heading 3</th><th>Heading 4</th></tr>

How should it be done?

Hi all,

On our opportunity object we have a formula field called "Monthly value" which returns a currency. The formula looks like this (Contract_length_mth__c is a picklist):

Amount  /  VALUE(CASE(Contract_length_mth__c, "1", "1", "3", "3", "6", "6", "9", "9", "12", "12", "15", "15", "18", "18", "21", "21","24", "24", "36", "36", "0"))

Now, on our account object I want to create a field called "Monthly value total" which is a sum of the field above for a certain set of opportunities defined by a filter. According to SFDC's Help & Training section that should be possible:

"Roll-up summary fields can calculate the values of formula fields if they do not contain functions that automatically derive values on the fly, such as NOW or TODAY."

My formula above does not (to my knowledge) use any automatically generated values. However, when creating the roll-up summary field on account and selecting opportunity as the object to summarize (using SUM) only 4 values appear for me to select and none of them is my formula field Monthly value.

Any ideas?


/Søren Nødskov Hansen