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I'm trying to get the Contacts Related List on the Account Detail Page to display records in ascending order by Last Name.  When I click the "Contact Name" field and select "Ascending" in the Page Layout editor, the Contacts sort by First Name.  For example, "Aaron Zimmerman" would show at the very top of the Contact List instead of at the bottom.  This isn't very helpful for our users and makes finding duplicate difficult.


I am aware that I can add a "Last Name" field and sort by that, but this seems redundant since the Contact Name is already there (and cannot be removed).


How can I get these records to sort alphabetically by Last Name without adding the "Last Name" field to the Related List?


On a related note, does anyone know the default sort order for Contacts in SFDC?  It appears to group them by Created Date in our org.  Help & Training didn't specify - it only stated that each related list has a different default sort order.


Thanks for any ideas...