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Gmail just launched their upgraded version -- unfortunately it's now causing my Gmail to Salesforce button to malfunction. Every time I click on it now, it doesn't recognize that I'm about to send a message and it pops up the "what's this" message about gmail. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I rely on this every day.


Bottom line - Gmail 2.0
- limited testing: Firefox, IE 7 (only some users)
- new JavaScript architecture
- look for: permalinks, new contact manager, photo picker, mail prefetching
- there aren't many new features, but I think these are the first steps for the social Gmail

  • February 04, 2009
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Hi, Where can I download a copy of the Excel Connector for the Professional Edition of SFDC? I used EC at my previous company and love it, but can find it under the app exchange anylonger.