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Refresh error: Entity of type 'WorkflowFieldUpdate' named 'Case.ISHERE' not found    Project/src    package.xml    line 1    1248190153153    205


any ideas what this means?


It's stopping us from deploying, as workflows don't appear on the deployment candidate list in Eclipse.


The fieldUpdates, definitely do exist in the Sanbox, when it says "not found" does in mean on the server or in the 


 src\workflows\Case.workflow file?


Any help appreciated

 Problem: CRUD Permissions are not available for this entity : Product2


I'm deploying a profile object and I'm getting this error. I can't actually find reference to product2 in the file.


Does anyone have a more detailed explanation?





We're using Eclipse to deploy some changes we've made on a devsandbox to another testsandbox




we've added:

custom field to the Opportunity Standard object.


Worth noting is that the testsandbox, has 2 additional fields on the Opportunity (test1,test2) which do not feature on the devsandbox.


When we get to the 


"Deployment Plan (Step 3 of 4)" in Eclipse,


we, Opportunity listed,


but in the "Apply Action?" column it says "No Action" and won't let us deploy our additional field.


The tip is


"Dependent component, parent or metadata, is not deployable"


Can anyone explain what this means.


I was expecting that the "Validate Deployment" would fail because it would detect 2 fields it doesn't have locally but not this.



Explanation anyone?




Is it possible to call an SControl from Apex?


we have an SControl that performs various bits of validation and then signs a contract in affect.


I'm trying to write a  unit/integration test to replicate this. But I can't find a way.




I'm new to Apex and have just downloaded Eclipse to get to work

Eclipse SDK 3.3.2

I've followed the instructions on


and have added the Remote site:


but i get a dialog telling me

"No features found on the selected site(s). Choose a different site or site category"

Any ideas what i've done wrong??



Announcing the release of the Force.com IDE for Spring '09!  The latest release of the Eclipse plug-in for Force.com development contains the following major new features:


  • Apex Editor Code Assistance provides Apex code completion suggestions for user-defined classes, system classes, and schema objects.  Real-time code parsing highlights syntax errors and updates the outline view as you type.
  • New Metadata Support in Spring '09 adds Custom Sites, Customer Portals, and Partner Portals, as well as enhancements to Schema Objects, Profiles, and Reports.
  • Spring '09 Upgrade Wizard seamlessly upgrades any Force.com project created in the Winter '09 (v14) IDE.
  • Documentation and User Assistance adds the Force.com Web Services Developer's Guide to Eclipse online help, featuring everything you need to know about creating Web Service API clients and writing SOQL queries.


Find all the details in the Force.com IDE for Spring '09 Release Notes.


Ready to upgrade?  Just open the Force.com Start Page (Help > Show Force.com Start Page) and click Check for UpdatesDetailed instructions.


First time user?  Follow these instructions to get coding with the Force.com IDE for Spring '09.


Want to learn more?  Read An Introduction to the Force.com IDE or visit the Force.com IDE home page.

  • February 19, 2009
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