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So here's my situation.


I have an "Fundraiser" object that has a lookup to a contact record "Speaker".  In order to display related information from that contact record on the Fundraiser record, I have a workflow that triggers whenever the master object is saved and runs a field update that fetches the Speaker's email address from the contact record.


My problem is this.  If I change the email address on the Speaker record alone, it obviously does not cascade over to the Fundraiser object.  I understand that.  However, what I would like to do is to basically mass-save the Fundraiser objects in order to keep the Fundraiser.Speaker_Email field properly synced with the Contact.Email field, as it is the saving of an object that forces the workflow to trigger.


It seems like it should be easy to get a save button that effects all checked Fundraiser Objects, but I haven't yet found one. Help?

I'm trying to render validation rule error messages on my visual force pages.  Does anyone know how this can easily be done? 


From what I'm reading, I need to recreate the validation rules in an extension? (is that true!!?) 


Hoping for an easier approach!