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I saw on the Winter ‘09 Developer Screencast a screenshot of a tree conrol. Does anyone know if that code will be released?

I started working on a lazy-loading Flex tree control but don't want to go too far down that road if a Visualforce/Apex version is going to be released.

Flex tree control: http://blog.jeffdouglas.com/2008/12/08/flex-salesforcecom-tree-control/

Jeff Douglas
Informa Plc

Now I am tryying to build of title samples.

But I have some page Error, please tell me how to build that sample code.

  • Create some folders and populate them with documents.
I could do this.

  • Download the Flex swf from here and create a new static resource named FlexTree using the swf file.
I could get swf file and upload this file as a new static resource.

  • Cut and paste the full controller listing into the controller editor.
I could create this apex class.

  • Create a new Visualforce page called, well, anything you like actually. This sample is not dependent on the name of the page.
  • Cut and paste the full page listing below into the new page.
Maybe we should add </script> in line 68.

But I can not save this page.
Because I have some error like this,

Error: Unknown property 'MapValue.name'

Someone knows how to do, please tell me.