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Hey all I just installed Account Contact Relationship Hierarchy by Salesforce Labs

Its a great app honestly and it does mostly what i want it to do, but it feels like an unfinished product.
I know salesforce labs doesnt offer support and i cant find the source code of this app.

1. whats the point of having a general empty silhouette picture of a head without letting you populate a picture there?
Is there any one that know how i can get this picture to populate form my Linkedin Sales navigator integration?

2. How can i copy the "contact hierarchy" button or have another button link to it? my URL hacking skills are not there.


We have a customer who has a need for a cloud based CMS system, to compliment force.com pages serverd from salesforce. The customer does not want to build the entire website on force.com, only specific components/pages, to have served as embedded pages on the website/CMS.

So far, I have found a few options, and for one reason of another, may not be the best fit.

Wordpress - To many security vunerabilities. Upgrade process manual. Has to be served on dedicated server. 
Magento - Paying for to many used features for eCommerce. Site is not eCommerce.
Joomla - Upgrade process manual. Has to be served on dedicated server.

Can anyone recommend a CMS product (paid or open source) which they would consider for a website build for a SME (Small-Medium Enterprise business website with medium traffic)


Hi All,

I have orders, were generated by users and for every product we have QR code and code will scan using scanner or mobile app, when ever we scan that QR code that value should store into salesforce system. it is very urgent please help me out.

Can anyone help me I would like to  implement account hierarchy exact functionality on custom object. Like account we have created self relationship on custom object. 
I am trying to work out the best way to go about the below:

We have a event registration form in FormAssembly, that when a invitee fills it out it creates a Registration record in Salesforce 

What we need to happen is that when the record is created, a ‘ticket’ with a unique QR code is generated and emailed to the user. When the user scans the QR code at conference, the Attending tickbox is ticked under their registration in Salesforce and their badge (to go in their lanyard) is printed.

I know there are a number of apps available on app exchange but we don't require the whole kit and kaboodle, we just need to work out how to generate a unique qr code when a registration record is created, email it to the user, and save a copy of the email (or qr code) on the record, and finally, when the qr code is scanned at conference to have a 'attentding box' ticked under their registration.

Any ideas??

What is the maximum number of Custom Apps that can be created using the Developer Edition?

In Developer Edition can  managed package be created? If not in which edition


I am unable to create  New App in my professional Org even there is only one custom app is available.Limit on PE org for number of Custom App is 5.

Please help me on this...



Thanks in advance.

  • August 26, 2011
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I have a custom object named Consultant that holds contact information for consultants of our company.  FirstName and LastName are the two fields within this custom object that represent the consultants name.  My issue, is that when running a lookup to this Consultant object, the record name is the value that comes up.  I can add fields to the lookup so you could see the FirstName and LastName but there is still a problem.  The object that is related to Consultant, will only show the record name in the lookup field in the record.  I want to make my record name for Consultant a formula field that is a concatenation of First Name and LastName.  The standard object Contact has a setup like this and I want to replicate it.  I don't see how to handle this if it's even possible.  Can this be done and if so, how?







Does anyone has an idea on this:


I would like to create some kind of validation on the Case Close event; a Case should only be able to be closed if there are not any open activities left.

All activities (tasks) have to be completed before a case can be closed.


I'm not quite sure if this is even possible, but perhaps someone has an idea on this.


Thank you very much for your information.





Currently my organization is using PE. I am trying to develop a lead scoring system and want to figure out how I can total or count the number of campaigns a lead responds to. We have leads that will responded to more than one campaign but I don't know a way to include this information.


Is it possible to create a formula field that can total # of campaigns responded to in PE? Thanks for any assistance!





Does an extension for a managed package count against the maximum Custom and Appexchange limit for an org ?


Or in other words: Is it possible to install a managed package + extension in GE, where the limit is "1" ?



Hey guys,
is it possible to concatenate a Record Name with several fields ?
In fact, I want my Custom Object Record Name to look like the Standard Contact Object (First Name + Last Name).
Thx a lot,
Best Regards.
  • September 09, 2008
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I have a custom object Employee which has a First Name field and a Last Name field.  I would like the "Record Name" displayed to the user everywhere for this object to be the concatenation of the First Name and Last Name field.  However, when the user enters a new Employee they should type First Name as one field and Last Name as another.  It seems to me that when I create a custom object the field name I give for the Record Name is the field that displays everywhere, but I don't see any way to make it a computed field. Is it possible to do this with a custom object? The build-in object Contact works this way, so I'm thinking there must be a way to do it.