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We just started using the Service Cloud Console and ran into a bit of a problem. We have a custom object (let's call it Widget) which has its standard Edit button overridden with a VF page. There is nothing special or fancy with this VF page and there is no JavaScript in the VF page. It's just a plain ol' simple VF page. Outside of the Console, everything works perfectly. When users are using the Console, however, any time they click to edit a Widget, the VF page opens in full screen without sidebar and header and without any of the Console UI.


As I said, this is an override of the standard edit button, so I cannot add JavaScript or anything as I don't have any control over the standard button. Also, this page has to be used by both console and non-console users so I cannot make any changes that would cause the page to only work in console; the page still has to work outside of the console.


Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

  • September 04, 2013
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Is there any to configure the Data Loader to export data in a tab-delimited format rather than the default CSV format? Also I should mention that I would need to do this in batch mode, not through the GUI. The Apex Data Loader User Guide seems to imply that this is possible, but gives no how clues or examples of how to actually configure it. Any help would be most appreciated.



I have a visualforce page which is being rendered as a PDF.  I have set the language to "utf-8" , when I do this it causes only the english field labels to be displayed even if the user has their language set to something else.  If I do not set the language of the page to "utf-8"  Chinese Characters do not render.   Any suggestions.



   ...the page tag...


<apex:page standardController="SFDC_Channel_Account_Plan__c" extensions="ext_Objective,revenueDetails,MDFCalculate,goalInfo" showHeader="false" renderAs="pdf" language="utf-8">


 ....example field label...

<apex:outputLabel value="{!$ObjectType.SFDC_Channel_Account_Plan__c.Fields.Name.label}"/>



I have a VF page that uses custom labels, which are translated, and are properly localized when setting the page language via a URL param.  I also have a custom radio button list that uses labels for some of the values, which is created on the fly in the controller.  I'm running into an issue where the VF-included labels are properly grabbing the correct language translation, but the Apex-included labels are not.


So...howdo I override the controller itself to be using a specific language, rather than just the VF page?


In Apex, you can only call a label via System.Label.labelname , so it seems like it's completely dependent on the user's browsing/set language.  I need this for Sites, so I would like to ensure that the language param passed to the VF page overrides any SF magic/automation on language detection/setting.