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While going through the tutorials, I accidentally set my namespace to my name and "Mileage" like... StrazzMileage.  (From the Mileage Tracker example. I had no idea what I was doing :) I want the namespace to be my company name, I emailed support but they told me to post on the discussion boards for help.


What do I do?





I have a web-to-lead form in place (modified since I'm using php to validate the fields and then CURL to pass the values into Salesforce.com). Is there a web-to-update method I can use to update fields for individual records? On our self-service portal is a link back to our site. I'd like to track use of this link. Actually I'd like to track when a user clicks on a link within our site after following the link from the salesforce self service portal. I'd like to track this in salesforce. I have found I can pass the user email from salesforce into the page on our site. I would like to then update a field in salesforce if the user clicks on certain links on our site. This would be updating one user at a time. I found information on doing an update via a csv file while logged into salesforce but I didn't see anything similar to a web-to-lead that would allow me to do individual updates. Could someone point me in the right direction. Is this possible? Is it possible to do a web based update from outside salesforce.com? A method to update leads or contacts?

Using Apex Api, I need to create a scheduled workflow programmatically. I downloaded Apex Api locally on my system but where exactly do I need to download the api so that I can call/ use those functions that are already defined in the API. Where do I write a script/ create a cron job. Do I write that in a class. I am clueless.

If somebody can tell me the steps that would be great.  Please let me know at the earliest.