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We all have a limit to send email from Salesforce.com, i.e 500 emails for Enterprise Edition.

Here my query is, is this only for mass emails or counted for single email sent from “Send An Email” from Contact /other objects?
What about workflow email alerts – this is also countable against the per day limit.?

Please clarify.

How many emails can the sendEmail  Apex method send out per day?


I went through the documentation, and here is what is says:

a. "All mass email and single email messages sent with the sendEmail method count against the daily mass mail limit of the sending organization."


b. "You can send mass email to a maximum of 1000 external email addresses per day based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)."


Statement 'b', in my opinion means that you can send emails to maximum 1000 distinct email addresses per day, but it says nothing about the number of actual email messages being sent.