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hi all,


I just wanna ask you how call apex class from visualforce.

Acually, I am trying to do is like "math drill" (good for start-up programming ?) ,


it shows some questions in visualforce like,


3+4 =

5*4 =


and when the button has been clicked, answers comes up.



But I have totally no idea how to call this class and show it in visualforce.


I am just a beginner, I just have start using force.com yesterday.






Hello Everyone,

I am very new to Salesforce.com, I need to read and write a CSV file using Apex code.

Functionality wants to implement : Read some records using query and write into a excel file and
read a CSV file and insert records into database.
this should be using apex code.

Please help me :)


I am attempting to query data from the Accounts table as well as several child fields from the Events table. I can successfully query from each  individually but am not having success in combining them into one dataprovider which populates a datagrid.
I haven't seen an example of this, so if someone could point me in the right direction, I would great appreciate it. FYI, both tmp and eventNameDateTime are bindable arrayCollections.



private function displayEditMeetingSearchResults():void {
                apex.query("Select Id, AccountNumber, Name, (Select Event.AccountId, Event.ActivityDate, Event.Id, Event.Type From Account.Events) from Account", new AsyncResponder
                        if (qr.size > 0)
                            tmp = qr.records;
                            //eventNameDateTime = qr.records;
                            eventNameDateTime = tmp.getItemAt(0).Events.records;
  • May 23, 2008
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