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I have a data table exposing Opportunity fields on a visual force page. It works fine within Salesforce.  I created a site, set the page as the home page for my site, and no data shows.  The page title and column headers show fine, so I know it's not a security issue with the entire page.


I have set the field accesibility of every field I am referencing, used the Public Access button to make sure the opportunities object is readable, and checked everything I can think of.


The only thing that I can imagine is affecting this is that I am using record types on Opportunities, but I can't find any settings to change behavior based on record types. My visual force code doesn't reference record types at all, and all records are shown when I access the page within salesforce.com


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - I'm excited about getting my first site up and running, and if I can't expose data it won't be much use!

  • December 02, 2009
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