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Need Last Activity Date by Activity Type

I'm trying to figure out how to display a particular type of activity using the LastActivityDate functionality built into salesforce.


Here's the situation:

  • We track all reference calls and surrounding activity within a custom object called "Customer Stories" which is a free app from Salesforce.
  • We created an activity type called "Reference Call"
  • We added a formula field called "Last Reference Date" on Customer Stories
  • Currently we have last reference date = LastActivityDate, which would work if we only used activities to track reference calls. 
  • However we want to use activities to track all the work surrounding references, including qualifying references (both internally and externally) as well as tracking what gift cards were sent out, etc.  So now the "LastActivityDate" isn't very helpful. 


Is there anyway to pull LastActivityDate for activities with "Reference Call" as the activity type?


Any help would be appreciated.




We're experiencing data storage issues (not to be confused with file storage issues) in Salesforce and can't find any third party apps that can help. 


Mainly it's our activities.  We have a tremendous amount of activities for 2010 and will have even more in 2011.  We've already purchased additional data storage from salesforce but it's getting quite pricey. 


Has anyone exported activities older than 1 year old to an external database, then added a visualforce component pointing to that database so you can still have some visibility into your old activity, but without the storage issues?


Eloqua does this as a part of their email marketing product.  It's just a visualforce page that directs back to Eloqua's site.  Anyway, I'm not sure how to even start something like that and hoped someone else had already done something similar. 



I created a custom object to track "Events".  When an event is created in SF, a workflow creates 10 tasks associated with that event.  I'm trying to calculate a % complete based on a few important fields and the number of completed tasks for that event.  I can get the % complete for the fields, but I'm having trouble finding a way to calculate the number of complete activities.  Any advice?


I picked up the following Tip during a SFDC presentation and it works great on the Contact record. It creates a button on the Contact object, which when clicked, creates an activity in the Contact record and sets up a reminder task in 2 days.

I need to modify it to do the same on a Case object. Can anyone help me modify the code so that it does the same in a Case, i.e. creates an activity that a VM was left, and creating a reminder task when clicked? 

Code is at the end of the next section.

Need: Track all activities to contacts within Salesforce and save time by having one click logging of left voicemails

Business Case: Sales reps can quickly log voicemail calls and receive a reminder task a few days later to follow up on the voicemail.

Business Value: Make more calls, improve productivity in high call volume type environments

Left Voicemail Custom button instructions

To set 1 custom buttons on the contact record – LVM

select Setup| Appsetup | Customize | Contacts | Custom Buttons and Links | select new custom button

Create a button label name (LVM) in the display type select the Detail page button option

select behavior type - Display in existing window without sidebar or header

select content source – URL


add the Code: (modify the code to fit your instance)



  • March 05, 2010
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