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 I am attempting to create a Task Validation Rule where if the Task Type picklist field contains one of three task types, then the WhoId field cannot be left blank.


This is what I have so far, but I keep getting the syntax error: Error: Syntax error. Found 'Task'


ISPICKVAL( Task Type, "Implementation Call"
|| Task Type, "PR 1 Call"
|| Task Type, "Renewal Call")
&& WhoId=""


The text name of the field is "Task Type" - is there some rule in SFDC that a field name cannot contain Task? Is that my problem or is it something else?

Might there be an IRC channel where Visualforce and/or APEX developers gather to chat?


If not, are there others interested in starting one?


We're evaluating Crystal Reports and CrystalReports.com for generating reports from SF objects. I have properly installed CrystalReports.com within SF. I've downloaded and installed (separately) both CR XI (with SF Driver 3.0) and 2008 (without driver per CR's tech support) for developing reports.
When I attempt to Create New Connection/Salesforce.com, a pop-up window appears pointed to www.salesforce.com and prompting for my SF userID and password. I have several valid SF accounts. No matter which account I try, CR returns a "Login error: invalid UserID or Password."
After two hours waiting to talk to a CR tech support person, they had virtually nothing useful to say ... basically they told me to get an SAP/BO tech support account which requires submitting an application. Their forums were impossible to navigate. CR looks like a great solution, but I'm underwhelmed with their tech support.
Is anyone using CR XI or 2008 to access SF objects? If so, any suggestions/advice re: connecting to SF?