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Hi All,


If anyone knows how you build fancy visualforce reports on salesforce and would like a couple days work (Paid of course) please read what we require below and let me know if you are interested in carrying out the work.


  • Fed by fields from Opportunities (multiple record types)
  • Need to be able to select the Opportunity Owners and set up reports for different teams (Teams can be public groups)
  • Chart plots the close date on the X axis against the Prospect Evaluation Score (%) on the Y axis
  • Each opportunity on the chart will appear in a colour (defined by Category field in opportunity)
  • Each opportunity will also appear as small, medium or large item on the chart dependent on size (defined by ‘Monthly policy sales’ field in opportunity)
  • Chart will need to print off on A3 landscape and will need to be attractively designed rather than just a set of lines
  • When printed a second page will be required that lists each of the opportunities along with the other details that pull together for the report. Each opportunity line will be numbered and correspond with the numbered items on the chart, so that the user can easily see which chart item is linked to each opportunity
  • When viewed on screen the user should be able to click on each item on the chart and be taken straight to the appropriate opportunity page
  • It would also be good to be able to hover over each item on the chart to get summary information on the opportunity (e.g. Account, Product, Monthly policy sales)

Example of the report



Kind Regards


  • July 07, 2010
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I am looking to hire someone on a contract basis to customize Salesforce for my company.  Particularly we have needs in workflow rules for both New Client Acquisition as well as Sales Cycle management.  Sales force is ugly and I want a visual tech to help make it more user friendly.  Finally we need integration with our website and a handful of other online resources.


I need someone who has done this before successfully and can provide references or if the developer would like to learn on the job they can but will be hired on an internship basis only.


I need someone that knows how to ask the right questions so I end up with a good product.  If interested send me an email

I'm looking for offshore SFDC developers (preferably India) to work with ongoing projects periodically in future. Need a reliable and capable individual with at least 2 years of experience in customizing SF, writing triggers, building VF pages and also integration projects. I would prefer to deal with someone working independently as a freelancer or part-time. If interested, PM me, and we'll discuss further.




We are currently looking for a developer to assist on projects periodically.  The ideal candidate must have experience using the Messaging class, and must be able to read/author/edit Apex classes, triggers, and test coverage.

UNIT4 Agresso, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendor, uses SalesForce.com (Enterprise Edition) as its CRM solution for sales and marketing in North America.  UNIT4 Agresso sells software, professional services and maintenance and support services.  We now need to customize our implementation to include a new area of functionality:  sales commission calculation, tracking and reporting.  In addition, the integration between SalesForce and Outlook is no longer working and we have not been able to resolve this through the SalesForce help desk.


Our implementation of SalesForce incorporates a number of customizations including custom fields on the Opportunities object to record revenue by revenue stream (e.g. license revenue, services revenue, maintenance revenue, etc.). Our commission structure is complex.  On a high level, it varies by team member and revenue stream, with multiple staff receiving commission when an Opportunity is closed-won.


We are issuing this invitation for an expression of interest for SalesForce consulting work to include:

·         From our documented business requirements for commissions, prepare a solution design, and on approval by UNIT4 Agresso, implement the solution in SalesForce, provide end-user documentation, and provide required security setup.

·         Resolve SalesForce-Outlook integration issues (currently not working)


Agresso plans to issue a Request for Proposal by March 26.  The project is scheduled to begin early on the week of March 29 and be fully completed by April 15, 2010. Completing this project on time is essential.


If you are interested in receiving our RFP, please respond by return email by March 24, with the following:

·         Profile of your company

·         Experience with SalesForce consulting work

·         Contact information – person, address, phone and email

 Thank you.
  • March 19, 2010
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We are looking for a SF consultant in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area to consult and implement one-off projects.


We are only looking for resources who are located in the twin cities.