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I have a custom object. When user will click New button to create new record of custom object and then click Save button I'd like to redirect him not to Details page but to other page. Is it possible?

Hi I have a problem. I have a sample order form page. I send the fields information of that page through mail merge template to another non salesforce.com user. If that user update that fields how can we get the updated fields in salesforce sample order form page. Could any one give the solution for this problem? Thanks
  • February 10, 2010
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I am investigating the requirements for a Single Sign-On implementation right now.  There's a possibility that the SSO would be available only to those already logged into the company network.  If the login requirements were that the user had to be authenticated to the company network before entering SFDC, would this cause a problem if the company also wanted to enable SFDC Mobile?  Would this prevent a mobile rollout?