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I'm trying to select a address from the database and displaying them in the Visual Force page by using a add button.


Say if I add


1870 Fair Oaks West Sunnyvale 94086 CA address to my list, I can again add the same address to my list which is causing duplicate records, how do I prevent this duplicate record from being added again ?


Hi ,


I have a custom field on my Contact, which tracks of any open tasks.The field is called " Tasks_Pending__c". Its a Picklist with two values "yes" or "No".

Assume that i have  2 tasks associated a contact.


Task 1 has a status as "Completed" and Task 2 has a Status as "Not started".


then Tasks_Pending__c should have a Value "Yes", if both task status is equal to "completed", it should be "No".


I have written a trigger, but could not accomplish as i got stuch.Can any one help me with this.


trigger Check_Tasks on Contact (after Insert, after Update) 
    List<Id> Contact_Ids= new List<Id>();
    for(Contact c: Trigger.New)
    List<Task> getcontact_Tasks=[Select Id,Status,WhoId from Task where WhoId IN :Contact_Ids and Status='Not Started'];
      List<Contact> ct=new List<contact>();  




Hi All


I would like to know where is the Error log stored in Salesforce. I have written Apex code which catch and throw exceptions.

I want to know where the exceptions log is maintained in SFDC.



Is there a way to detect in Apex if the system is a Sandbox or a Dev Edition?