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My primary question is:

Integration of SF & QB Online edition possible or not?

Reid & Associates, LLC has started the search for 1-2 senior developers to help transform a client Salesforce.com CRM deployment using visualforce, APEX, and the force.com platform. The project has the potential to be up to 2 years in length. Resources can work remotely.




  • Expert knowledge of the force.com platform.
  • 5+ experience





  • Bachelors Degree
  • Salesforce.com Consultant Certification
  • Salesforce.com Developer Certification
  • Extensive experience with sales cloud, service cloud of Salesforce.com
If qualified and interest, please email us your resume at recruiting@thinkreid.com or contact us at 866-352-8666.




  • September 04, 2010
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Hi! I'm working to integrate Milestones PM+ with a custom object. Essentially, I'm looking for my Apex Trigger to create a Milestones PM+ Project associated with my custom object once a specific status is reached. However, using their admin guide template (http://www.passagetechnology.com/mpm-admin-guide), I'm not able to get the Milestones PM+ Project created "after update." But, it works "after insert." Any thoughts, anyone?

trigger ObjectTrigger on Object__c (after insert, after update) {

        for (Object__c object : Trigger.new) {
                if(object.Status__c == 'Executed') {
                Type pcu = System.Type.forName('MPM4_BASE', 'Milestone1_Project_Creation_Utility');
                if(pcu != null) {
                    MPM4_BASE.Milestone1_Project_Creation_Utility projCreationUtil = (MPM4_BASE.Milestone1_Project_Creation_Utility) pcu.newInstance();
                        projCreationUtil.CreateChildProject(trigger.oldMap, trigger.newMap, new Map<string, object>{
                            'projectCreationField' => 'Project_Template__c',
                            'projectLookupField1' => 'Object__c',
                            'projectNamingConventionField' => 'Project_Name__c'




I've just tried installing Milestones PM to one of our Sandboxes.  I've tried poking around but it's throwing up a couple of errors.  Before I dive in to start trying to fix these I thought I'd check if this App is still being actively supported, modified and improved.  I cant seem to find any recent activity, unless I'm looking in the wrong place?






I've used roll up fields, formula fields and workflow rules to come up with a solution to the below requirement yet it seems to only work on some accounts and I can't work out why!


Requirement:  Show the Renewal Date (a custom date field on opportunity) on the account object for the opportunity that has the largest amount.

What I've done to solve it so far:


- A roll-up summary on the account for the max opportunity amount.

- A formula field ("Largest Amount Indicator") on the opportunity that checks the account max opportunity amount and compares it to the opportunity amount.  If they are equal, it's set to 1.  If not, 0.  This works on some opps but not others for some reason.

- I then have a roll-up summary on the account object for the min date where the opportunity "Largest Amount Indicator" equals 1.

- I also have a workflow rule updating a text field on the opportunity with the same value as the "Largest Amount Indicator" formula field as the roll-up summaries don't let me reference formula fields.  This update is happening everytime an opportunity is edited/created and its created date is not equal to NULL.

- As a note, I have multi currency on but not Advanced Currency management.


As I said above, the Key Renewal Date on account is sometimes working but other times it's not.  The Max Opportunity amount always works and I can see that on each account.  When I go into the corresponding opportunity to check that the Largest Amount Indicator is showing a 1, it shows zero, even though the amount is equal to the Max Opportunity amount on the account.


I'm stumped.  I hope what I've written makes sense.  My solution seems sound to me and it's verified by it working on some accounts but I can't for the life of me work out why others aren't working.  An extra brain is surely appreciated here.

I have a custom object (Properties). Properties are owning another custom object (Property Unit). 
Property Units have lookup fields which are (Tenant) and (Landlord). 

A property owns about 40 units on average. So we have 40 different tenants. 

I want to display list of Tenants on a text field on Property upon each new update. Is there a way to do it? 

I'm attempting to install a package into a sandbox org and I'm getting this weird error:

Problem: No clean data columns available for custom fields.

Component: (PCKG__MyObject__c.Custom_Field__c)

Details: No clean data columns available for custom fields.


I tried blanking out all the Custom_Field__c fields but that didn't help. Any ideas what's going on now?! Thanks.

My primary question is:

Integration of SF & QB Online edition possible or not?

Hi all,

On our opportunity object we have a formula field called "Monthly value" which returns a currency. The formula looks like this (Contract_length_mth__c is a picklist):

Amount  /  VALUE(CASE(Contract_length_mth__c, "1", "1", "3", "3", "6", "6", "9", "9", "12", "12", "15", "15", "18", "18", "21", "21","24", "24", "36", "36", "0"))

Now, on our account object I want to create a field called "Monthly value total" which is a sum of the field above for a certain set of opportunities defined by a filter. According to SFDC's Help & Training section that should be possible:

"Roll-up summary fields can calculate the values of formula fields if they do not contain functions that automatically derive values on the fly, such as NOW or TODAY."

My formula above does not (to my knowledge) use any automatically generated values. However, when creating the roll-up summary field on account and selecting opportunity as the object to summarize (using SUM) only 4 values appear for me to select and none of them is my formula field Monthly value.

Any ideas?


/Søren Nødskov Hansen

I wrote the following code (replaced object/field names for simplicity) to handle rollup summary fields in Apex. It works pretty well but I frequently get errors when operating on bulk records or if no records exist (out of bounds, etc).

ParentObject__c :has_many Objects__c

Can anyone provide input as to whether or not I'm handling this type of task properly?

trigger rollupTrigger on Object__c (after insert, after update, after delete) {
    double totalSum = 0;
    Object__c myObjects = trigger.new;
    if(Trigger.isUpdate || Trigger.isInsert)
            for(Object__c object : myObjects) //assume more than 1 record in trigger.new
              for(ParentObject__c parent : [select Id, Name from ParentObject__c where Id = :object.Parent_Object__c]) //get the parent object
                for(Object__c childObject : [select Id, Name, Number__c where Parent_Object__c = :parent.Id]) //get all the objects that belong to the parent object
                  totalSum += childObject.Number__c;   //sum the field of choice
                parent.Total__c = totalSum;   //set the total in the parent
                update parent                       // update the parent
    else if(Trigger.isDelete)
        Object__c [] oldObjects = Trigger.old;
      for(Object__c oldObject :oldObjects)    //assume deletion of more than 1 record
        for (ParentObject__c parentObject : [select id, Name, Number__c, Total__c where Id = :oldObject.Parent_Object__c]) //get the parent object(s)
          for (Object__c childObject : [select id, Name, Number__c from Object__c where Parent_Object__c = :parentObject.id])   //get the records that belong to the parent
             totalSum += childObject.Number__c;  //sum the fields after a record has been deleted
            parentObject.Total__c = totalSum;   //set new total in parent
            update parentObject;                      //update parent
      } //end oldObject for loop
    } //end else if
} //end trigger


    I am using custom field of type date in my visualforce page as inputfield.  the code is like this
<apex:pageBlockSection title="Choose Date Range to generate Reports">
<apex:inputField id="fromdate" value="{!fromDateTask.From_Date__c}" id="fromdate"/><br/>
<apex:inputField id="todate" value="{!toDateTask.To_Date__c}" id="todate"/><br/>
   when ever the page is getting loaded the datepicker pop's up from the "fromdate" inputfield.  The datepicker should popup only when we click on it. How to avoid the popup onload event.