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I want to be able to read / write some variables to the current session in my Salesforce site pages.

I have a site built using Salesforce Sites, I need to store/retrieve some values across all the pages (consider that I am building something similar to a shopping cart). However I cant find any good example on how to read and write variables to the session (anonymous user).


I am using Visualforce pages with "several controllers" built in Apex.


I also went through this question:



The suggested solutions are not valid:

1- Using cookies is not possible, I want more secure place to store the values.

2- Using the same controller also is not possible, I have dozens of pages, i cant use the same controller for them all

3- Using the custom settings seems not valid too, as they are not built for such things

  • February 23, 2011
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How to store variables in Session and how to access that Session Variable in Apex Page & in Contoller?.